The Band

Vito Alvaro Vito Alvaro
Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone

As the leader of the band, there isn’t a harder working, more versatile member than vocalist, Vito Alvaro.  He is known as the face of the band, largely due to his on stage presence and charisma – not to mention top notch vocals, excellent guitar chops, great harp playing and the show stopper of his arsenal, smooth sax playing.  The amazing thing is that Vito actually started out as a drummer.  He brings a world of experience to the stage night in and out, giving it his all.  Every band has a leader but Table’s leader is one you won’t soon forget.

Mars Mars
Vocals, Guitar

Every band has that one ingredient that you need to make everything just work perfectly. For Table 69, that’s none other than Mars.   He brings a level of precision to the band that just “fills the cracks” perfectly.  He is a strong rhythm player, his lead playing is unique and melodic and his vocals are some of the best around.  Coupled with the vocals of Vito Alvaro, the two voices mesh brilliantly. Mars does it all for the band, and does it well. Growing up in a very musical home has contributed to his interest in all aspects of music and has tuned Mars’ ear.

Lui Della Mea Lui Della Mea
Drums, Vocals

The rhythmic backbone of the band is Lui Della Mea.  He’s been holding it down for Table since their very first practice.  Lui, a graduate of Humber’s world renowned music program, brings a versatile style to Table 69 that allows them to add hit after hit to their songlist – regardless of the style.  He’s been with the band all over Ontario, playing at a very high level.  With that experience and passion, you can blame Lui if you find it hard to stay in your seat.  He won’t mind.

Albert Carraro Albert Carraro

Albert and guitar have been synonymous since he picked it up when he was 14. It isn’t the speed, it isn’t the accuracy of some of the greats he admires – it’s the ability to convey how he feels through it. The passion, the excitement and belief in what a guitar can do is what he brings to Table 69. His path towards this realization began on a band trip while watching a couple of people playing guitar around a campfire and falling in love with how the music made him feel. And this exact feeling is the one he tries to deliver to anyone who is around to hear.

Paul Cafarelli Paul Cafarelli

The pulse of the band belongs to none other than Paul Cafarelli. Bass playing to Paul is like breathing; and if you asked him, probably just as important. There is a lot of confidence in Paul’s playing. His bass rumbles along, holding the groove of every song together as it pounds in your chest.  Together with longtime bandmate drummer Lui Della Mea, the two form a very experienced and exciting rhythm section – and easily puts Table among the best bands in the city.